Jacksonville, Florida Get Ready for Rainy Season 2020

Rainy Season 2020

It is scary to think that you could one day be the owner of a home invaded by mold or suddenly overcome with water. As much as you work to avoid it, several factors can unexpectedly leave you in need of expert advice. An undetected leak that deposits water in your attic or a broken appliance can all contribute to the accumulation of water in your home and all the aftermath it entails. Time is of the essence, and quick action can mitigate the extent of your loss.

If you need water removal services for your Jacksonville home, do not hesitate to call water damage techs. Our services are structured for us to be available 24/7 to receive your call and spring into action. As tempted as you may be to manage the restoration process, our team has been trained and certified in the latest industry trends, and our expertise allows us to make an educated assessment of the damage.

Leave Water Removal In Your Jacksonville Home To The Professionals

When our Green Fleet arrives at your property, we address any safety concerns, such as water-saturated structures that could falter. Once it is safe, we determine which contents can be salvaged and move them into a dry area or prop them above water. Like you, we want to save as much of your contents as possible. Some materials, like carpeting and upholstery, may not be salvageable based on how long they were wet, but our team decides based on the readings shown by our monitoring tools.

In our water removal services, we use pumps and smaller devices to extract the water. Once we move on to the drying phase, we employ dehumidifiers and air movers to promote air circulation and speed up the evaporation of water. For any remaining odor, we utilize air scrubbers and air purifying techniques to neutralize the offending smells and make them a thing of the past.


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