Mold Removal FAQ


The dangers of mold and mold removal have been a known topic in almost everywhere you go. But what are your views about it?

True, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, having the knowledge about the causes and effects of mold and the significance of mold removal is something that we should consider. You might hear some people say that mold is deadly. They are simply exaggerating on what they know and it is not true. 

The fact is that if there is mold inside your home, you would need to get a mold removal consultation. Mold does not appear on homes for no reason. It is caused by other home issues that need to be corrected. In order for mold to exist, it needs water or a high humidity level inside a home.

Another fact is that only a doctor can determine if a person’s health is at risk or not. People differ in tolerance levels with to exposure to bacteria, toxins, and other airborne materials. Nevertheless, young children (age below 18), pregnant women, elderly, chronically ill and immune compromised persons are at a higher risk when exposed to mold. An expert on mold removal service is required for such cases.

The dangers of mold and mold removal have been a known topic in almost everywhere you go.
The dangers of mold and mold removal have been a known topic in almost everywhere you go.

Do I Need To Test My Home for Mold?
There are various factors that can help you determine if you need a mold removal service. These include the visible presence of mold, a strong musty odor, and health issues with symptoms that are difficult to identify. If these factors are experienced or observed at home, a test or inspection from a Certified Indoor Environmentalist or Industrial Hygienist is required. You can find a qualified Indoor Air Quality expert in your area by using your favorite search engine online or you can also visit

I heard about some companies providing mold testing and mold removal services at the same time. It sounds like a good idea to have one company to handle everything – what do you think?

Though it might be a good concept for your convenience, it is not recommended. A system of balances and checks is needed to make sure that the work is properly done. Typically, contractors would advise you to hire an Indoor Environmental Professional to test your home for mold and another remediation contractor to perform the mold removal. Both parties should have no financial or business interest with each other. This allows the homeowner to have a system of balances and checks to make sure that the work was handled correctly and the home was restored to its healthy state.

Normally, the project should be handled in a manner described below:

– A CIE or CIH conducts a visual testing and inspection of the home for mold damage /or/ mold damage greeley and send the samples to a certified laboratory for final analysis.

– Based on the results, the CIE or CIH will create a protocol on what work is required and other special instructions.

– A certified mold remediator or CMR will perform the required work in strict compliance to the protocol. For more information on protocol, visit

– Once the work is done, the CIE or CIH will conduct another inspection and post-clearance testing and will send samples to an third party laboratory for testing.

– The CMR will receive a notification if the post-clearance test passed or if an additional work is required.

Is there any kind of spray that I can use to kill mold? If yes, can I do it myself?
As mentioned earlier, there are certain factors that cause mold to grow. If these factors are not corrected, mold will continue to grow or reappear, which can cause further mold damage. On the other hand, there are several topical sprays that can help eliminate mold. However, it is very risky for an average and untrained person to use it for mold damage without the proper equipment and training. There are also some contractors who use spray to remove mold. However, the disadvantage of using spray is that it leaves a stain that would indicate that there has been a mold problem existed in the home, which makes it an issue if ever you will sell your home in the future.