Cleaning Your HVAC System Has Its Benefits

By David Touchton

The Department of Energy recently reported that HVAC systems waste over 25 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your home. A system not cleaned recently could waste up to 40 percent.

This is not the only reason to hire a qualified air duct and HVAC cleaning company to clean your system. Indoor air quality suffers when the filters have not been changed, and the ducts and blowers contain a caked-on layer of dust, dander, and other contaminants. Anything that finds its way into the HVAC system recirculates about 5 to 7 times each day. Each time, more contaminants enter the ductwork. Increased contamination does not mean that the air has become a health hazard, but it can eventually lead to problems for residents with environmental allergies or pre-existing respiratory problems.

Inspection and restoration also provide the opportunity for routine maintenance. Most HVAC systems are self-contained, but like any other piece of machinery, they do suffer minor problems like warping from the heat and cold. Warping usually leads to small issues like vent sections separating slightly. Over time, the separations expand, and this leads to the cold or warm air blowing into the attic or crawlspace, forcing the unit to work harder. Annual or even bi-annual inspections ensure this does not happen.

Before the company your hire writes up its report and walks you through a final inspection, one of their team members should also clean out your clothes dryer vent and exhaust hose. This procedure needs to be done at least once a year to maximize the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the chance of a fire starting from a build-up of lint in the exhaust hose.

Cleaning your HVAC system is a necessary task to ensure the health of your family, gain the maximum efficiency from your heater and air conditioner and save a substantial amount over the summer months. To get the best HVAC cleaning results, call a reliable restoration service in your community