Carpet Cleaning Water Damage

By David Touchton 

Flooding can be an external or internal problem, but either source has the potential to cause serious damage to a residential or commercial property. Flash flooding due to heavy rains can send hundreds of gallons of water rushing into basements and lower levels of homes and businesses. Faulty or malfunctioning pipes and plumbing systems may result in damage throughout several floors and in between the walls of a structure. Regardless of the source of the water damage, buildings must be thoroughly treated and renovated to avoid more serious health hazards such as mold growth. 

Flooring, particularly carpet, has the propensity to hold water after a flood or other accident. The odor alone is enough to cause the owner to seek treatment, but there are more serious consequences associated with water damage. When left unattended, saturated carpeting, drywall, and other building materials become breeding grounds various types insects and molds. While drying out the area is the obvious priority, it is also important to perform the necessary disinfectant and cleaning procedures to ensure the area is both safe and sanitary. 

Flooring, particularly carpet, has the propensity to hold water after a flood or other accident.
Flooring, particularly carpet, has the propensity to hold water after a flood or other accident.

Carpet cleaning after water damage requires a professional procedures to thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected area. An experienced technician will know exactly what must be done to remove standing or pooled water in a flooded area. When all or a large majority of the standing water has been evaporated by high powered fans or sucked up with industrial vacuum systems, the work of cleaning up the rest of the water damage can begin. Flooring and sub-flooring are at risk of sustaining significant deterioration if these processes are not followed quickly and efficiently. 

Special chemicals can be used during the carpet cleaning phase to eliminate odors during and after the cleaning process. It is important that a reputable carpet cleaning company with experience in water damage or mold remediation attend to flooded areas. They are well equipped to handle all facets of the project and can protect themselves, the building, and the existing carpet throughout the course of the job. Consistent and ongoing training for these individuals ensures that they are always aware of the best carpet cleaning methods and any additional protocols that may be in place for a particular type of disaster or accident involving water. Quick response times and specially trained professionals are the keys to successfully cleaning water damaged carpet and restoring the area.

David Touchton

Mr. Touchton is the President and owner of ServPro of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands. He has 4 years of experience in the field and holds Water Damage Restoration Certification from IICRC. His office is certified in applied structural drying, water damage restoration, and lead-based paint activities and restoration. His favorite part of the job is helping people who have experienced a stressful event and our ServPro team can make it “Like it never even happened”.